All the Absolution soaps

Whatever type of skin you have, it needs to be thoroughly cleansed every evening, to remove all those impurities that have built up during the day – and especially if you live in the city. Makeup, pollution, fine particles... Even the most resilient skin can suffer! If you're looking for a solution to cleanse your face and body without making the skin sensitive, then why not try using a soap?

At Absolution, our soap bars for the face and body can be used on all skin types. They're made with natural active ingredients that provide all the benefits your skin needs to be beautiful. Plus, you can enjoy that feeling of cleaning your skin the "old-fashioned" way!

Our soap bars have natural antifungal properties, and care for your skin without drying it out thanks to a synergy of effective, gentle ingredients that both your skin and senses will love :

- Antioxidant active ingredients that help to protect against the effects of skin aging, such as Rice Bran oil and Propolis.
- Botanical oils, such as Coconut and Sunflower, which have softening properties and a naturally sensual texture.
- Repairing and healing ingredients, such as Calendula and Shea Butter, known for their nourishing and soothing benefits.
- Botanical active ingredients that work deep down to rid skin of impurities, and help to fight blemish-causing bacteria and restore the skin's natural balance, such as Tea Tree, Neroli and Activated Charcoal.

These certified-organic ingredients have exceptional natural properties. They help to maintain the balance of the skin, even if it's fragile and/or sensitive.

Which soap to choose ?

Do you have reactive skin? Does it feel tight easily? Made with natural hydrating, soothing and softening ingredients, Le Savon Blanc is ideal for fragile and delicate skin.

Is your skin prone to blemishes? Does it tend to play up? Do you want to purify your skin without making it sensitive? Le Savon Noir can be used on the face, body and décolleté, and helps to restore skin's balance without drying it out. Activated Black Charcoal is combined with Tea Tree to help fight everyday impurities, while Neroli works to soothe and gently regenerate the skin.

To keep the skin of your body comfortable and nourished, put your trust in our bodycare essentials. To cleanse, you can choose from our two soaps – Le Savon Noir or Le Savon Blanc, depending on your skin's needs. Or you could use Le Lavant Corps Doux – an ultra-gentle, sulfate-free shower gel that cleanses and soothes. Follow with Le Lait Peau Douce – a nourishing, non-sticky body lotion with a natural, subtle Geranium and Neroli scent that awakens the senses.
Le Lavant Corps Doux and Le Lait Peau Douce are both held in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, so they're gentle on your skin and the planet. Plus, they now come in a larger size, but the price has stayed the same!