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Bad weather, UV rays, pollution, stress... They can all take a toll on your skin. In some cases, they'll leave it weaker and more prone to problems such as acne, blemishes, redness, blackheads, or even dark spots. These problems can be hard to put up with, but why should you put up with them at all?

Blemish-prone skin needs the right skincare products – ones that will gently control irritations and address its weaknesses. We've selected active ingredients with purifying, regulating and calming properties that won't make your skin sensitive, but will help it cope with all those everyday things that can upset it!

- Birch is rich in tannins and minerals, and its sap is often used in detox treatments. Its purifying and calming properties make it ideal for treating skin irritations and regulating blemishes.
- Roman Chamomile helps to combat skin stress and irritations.
- White Willow bark contains salicylic acid, which stimulates skin cell renewal, smoothes the skin, and regulates blemishes, thanks to its exfoliating, antibacterial and astringent (pore-tightening) properties.
- Hyssop is known for its ability to soothe sensitive or irritated skin, reduce redness, and calm skin reactions.
- Myrtle has purifying, astringent and softening properties, and helps to remove impurities and restore balance to temperamental skin.
- Arrabidaea chica is an ancient shrub from the Amazon region that continues to be used by the native Indians to protect their skin and treat minor skin problems. It purifies the skin and helps to clear pimples, blackheads, and small spots.
- Chaulmoogra oilis frequently used in Chinese medicine as it contains rare fatty acids that are known to soothe damaged and irritated skin.

We've incorporated these beneficial ingredients into targeted, certified-organic formulas that will make your skin both feel better and look better!

The first step in your anti-blemish skincare routine is La Crème Gommante. Made with extremely fine, round granules, this face scrub is gentle on all skin types – even the most sensitive. Use it once a week to slough away dead cells and encourage skin renewal. If you have sensitive skin, alternate between using this product as a mechanical exfoliant (massaging it over the skin) and as an enzymatic exfoliant (leaving it on for 15 minutes, then rinsing off).

After using La Crème Gommante, treat your skin to our exceptional purifying and soothing face mask: Le Masque Pureté Détoxifiant. This natural blemish-fighting mask absorbs impurities and tightens pores, to leave skin more radiant – without making it feel tight.

If you have combination or oily skin, put a little pleasure into cleansing with Le Nettoyant Pureté! This gentle, versatile cleansing gel removes face and eye makeup, along with any traces of pollution, to leave your skin feeling fresh and rebalanced.

As for moisturizingLa Crème de Santé will give your skin all the ingredients it needs to function properly – and glow! This ultra-light face cream contains prebiotics, to feed your skin's microbiome. And a healthy microbiome (i.e., one where there are more good than bad bacteria) is one of the keys to beautiful, healthy skin.

Our Le Booster PURETÉ serum completes your skincare routine. Formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients, it's designed to fight blemishes, combat shine, restore your skin's balance, and visibly reduce imperfections after just 48 hours. You can apply it directly to blemishes or problem areas, or mix it with your day or night cream for "all over" action.

If you like multi-purpose skincare products with light textures, you'll love L'Essence Botanique PURETÉ. This rich botanical water has a texture that's halfway between a serum and a toner, and can be used on the face to hydrate, deep cleanse impurities, and restore your skin's balance. Apply to clean skin, morning and evening, just before your serum or moisturizer. Warm up three drops in the palms of your hands, then apply to your face by patting and pressing the product into your skin.

If it seems like nothing will make your blemishes go away, it's probably because your skin needs to be rebalanced deep down. And if that's the case, it's time for La Cure Peau Nette! Natural active ingredients come together in synergy in this anti-blemish treatment, which works to regulate sebum production, reduce shine and redness, calm inflamed spots, and help to fade the scars they leave behind. And it does all this in just 15 days. Once you've finished using it, switch to L’Essence Botanique PURETÉ and Le Booster PURETÉ to keep your skin in good health.