Fortify Your Foundations

A ritual for nurturing your Muladhara; the Root; the premier Chakra; “I AM”

Earthing or Grounding are simple practices to deepen your connection to the Earth, your foundations and sense of security. You can be indoors or outdoors, the key is that you are barefoot, the ground beneath you is steady and firm.

Once you are ready to begin the sequence you want to be sure your legs are directly aligned beneath your hips; ‘squared’, tuck your lower back, and stand up straight, get in-touch with your arms and shoulders by wiggling them and then adjusting them to align with your spine, arms hanging loosely by your side. Make sure your neck and face are properly aligned upward and forward as if a string was holding you up from above; take a few deep inhales and exhales.

Now bring your focus to your feet, we will take time to connect all parts of our feet to the Earth and foundations below; begin by spreading the toes and pressing each of them downwards, followed by pressing into the heel and then the sole of your feet, then take time leaning on the sides of your feet. You can then begin to gentle rock back and forth on your feet, building a steady rhythm; during this time visualize roots growing from your feet and spreading out below you, deepening your grounding energy. You can then lift the heels and feel the pads of your feet and activation of your legs, then play with rotating your knees inwards and outwards. You can even intentionally stomp your feet to build heat, activating a buzzing energy. Get connected.

You will close this ritual by coming back to a strong center position, pressing the feet into the ground, feel your security in the Earth beneath and within you. Take a moment of gratitude for yourself and release a large breath.

(This ritual can be five minutes or one hour, all depends on your time, most importantly is you accompany each sequence with intention.)

"My roots always support me."

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