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Does your skin feel tight or itchy, or go red with the slightest emotion?

You must have dry skin.

Dry skin generally looks thin but good, with barely visible pores (lucky you!). It doesn't shine, doesn't need much makeup, and when you do use makeup, it tends to stay on well. Dry skin can be rough to the touch and often feels uncomfortable after cleansing. It usually has fine lines caused by dehydration, mainly around the eyes and lips. From a physiological point of view, dry skin is the result of the stratum corneum (the uppermost layer of the epidermis) being too thin or no longer providing a watertight barrier. The lipid cement (which strengthens the skin's impermeability and resilience) is weak, and water evaporates from cells. So, dry skin is often also dehydrated skin, although it's important to distinguish between the two! Also referred to as "alipidic" skin, dry skin doesn't produce enough sebum, which plays a protective role and helps to keep skin soft and hydrated.

As a result, the skin becomes dry, often goes red when there's a change in climate, and can become flaky. To make dry skin feel really comfortable, put your trust in our organic skincare products, rich in soothing and nourishing active ingredients. In the morning, wake up your skin gently with La Brume Systémique. This facial mist contains Rose Hip, Wild Pansy and Sodium PCA, which work to regenerate, plump and detoxify the skin in a single spray! Follow with La Crème Réparatrice Regard on the eye area. Rich in Acmella, Mamaku and Hyaluronic Acid, it works to smooth out and deeply restructure the skin, to help erase the signs of time. Finish with an organic face cream or oil that's suited to your dry skin. Try La Crème Riche, for example, or our Addiction regenerating oil. Their names speak for themselves! There's also La Crème Beau Jour, which can be used by all skin types. And if you want something a little more manly, opt for La Crème de l'Homme!

As for those really dry areas (lips, dry patches, cheeks damaged by the cold, etc.), a dab of Le Baume, made with Perilla, Marula and Calendula, delivers nourishing benefits while forming a protective film on your skin. In the evening, gently remove makeup from your dry skin with La Crème Douce Démaquillante. Enriched with St John's Wort, with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, it works to dissolve impurities without disrupting your skin's balance – even if you have very delicate skin. You could also use Le Nettoyant Pureté, if you prefer a rinse-off cleanser that's suitable for sensitive skin. Take a small amount and apply with the Konjac sponge to remove any remaining traces of makeup and pore-clogging residue (makeup, pollution, sebum, sweat, etc.). This cleanser contains calming Roman Chamomile and soothing Oat, to make cleansing an enjoyable moment, even if your skin is dry or sensitive.

Finish with La Crème du Soir, with antioxidant and restructuring benefits. It contains Magnesium, which helps to de-stress your skin and diminish micro muscle contractions. Argan and Marshmallow, meanwhile, give your skin all it needs to help it function like young skin again. As for face scrubs, if you thought they were just for combination and oily skin, think again! Once or twice a month, you can exfoliate your face with La Crème Gommante to help it get its glow back. This scrub contains microgranules derived from diatoms, almond pulp and AHAs. It works to stimulate the skin and help boost its elimination and repair mechanisms, for a lifting effect and a radiant complexion. La Crème Gommante can be used as a mechanical exfoliator by massaging it over damp skin with small circular movements, or as an enzymatic exfoliator (even more gentle!) by applying it directly to dry skin and leaving on for three minutes, then rinsing off.