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Open your chakras

7 rituals to feel more aligned and happy

We have always known this intuitively, but now it is scientifically proven that our moods influence the state of our skin. It is with the ambition to offer you the most harmonious experience of well-being possible that we asked our friend Uma Gaia, practitioner of holistic medicine, to make us a small guide of 7 simple exercises to realign our 7 chakras. .

Flower Power Spring Rolls

Adaptogenic Chaga Sauce, by Eva Gaillot

Spring is finally here, and this season, synonymous with rebirth and joy, has us suddenly craving color and freshness. For this new recipe in collaboration with Eva Gaillot (@thefrenchcoconut on Instagram), we've challenged her to highlight one of the star ingredients of La Crème Beau Jour, the Chaga.

Meet Kaitlyn Reinhart - chef

Three recipes to hydrate and detox your skin inside out

Happy to collaborate with a young chef who inspires us, Kaitlyn Reinhart. The challenge: to create 3 simple recipes based on the 3 key ingredients of our BeauTea Set. Lemongrass, aloe vera and algae, which also happen to be friends of a healthy digestion. Pretty easy for this self-taught woman who lets nature do the talking to come up with recipes full of poetry.