Vitalize Your Consciousness

A ritual for nurturing your Sahasrara; the Crown; the seventh Chakr; “I KNOW”

Visualization Meditation is a ritual that is here to invite you to unify more sincerely to your universal consciousness and connection to the grandeur of life, your inner knowing, beliefs, and wisdom. Creating a durable bridge and sense of oneness between your complete self, the Universe, and the world we exist in and with.

For this ritual it is best that you are laying down, but if it is better for you to be seated that works as well. Be sure to have everything you need for your body to relax and feel reassured. Once you are reclined begin to take your first inhale and as you do have your belly expand and then as you exhale have your belly contract inwards (this is called ‘Belly Breathing’). Repeat this type of breath until it is flowing, and you have found your rhythm.

Begin to visualize an electric violet light that flows from your crown and expands all around you and towards the sky. Breathe life into the violet color, soften your physical and mental to make space for the color, allow it to take its own movement as you fuel it with your breath. Let the violet encompass you. Once the color is cascading around your entire being imagine it bursting into a thousand stars all around you, and that you are those stars, glistening and shimmering bright.

Keep mind of your breath and begin to bring those stars back together as one big bright white light, concentrated all around your body; allow yourself to become this light. Begin to repeat in your heart center “I am light, I am one with all”.

To close this ritual, bring your being back into the room, back into your body, and back into the physical by wiggling your toes and fingers and then bringing your hands to hold yourself and honor your unity with all things and experiences. Stay here for a moment before sitting up.

(You can align this ritual with any of the Chakras by changing the color you visualize but keep everything else the same and it can be 5min to 1hr depending on your time.)

“I am one with the Universe”

Compass Rose:

Your skin has emotions too

It’s something that we’d always suspected, but now it’s been scientifically proven: our moods impact our overall health – and the health of our skin! And this explains why we so often turn to vitamins, adaptogenic plants, meditation and exercise to boost our positivity and keep stress at bay.