Our certified-organic facial oils

Why use a facial oil?

Facial oils are able to protect and repair the skin's protective barrier, which is often damaged by internal factors (stress, hormonal changes, diet, lack of sleep, etc.) and environmental aggressors (pollution, cold weather, wind, etc.). When your skin's moisture levels are optimal, it can cope with imbalances itself, but when it lacks water or oil, the situation becomes more complicated... Your skin starts to reflect your lifestyle, and irregularities are more likely to appear. This is when botanical facial oils can really help.

These precious, natural substances help to ensure good cellular cohesion and prevent cells from weakening. Oils are ideal as a "backup" for your existing skincare products to help maintain the quality and density of the lipids naturally produced by your skin. 

Are facial oils compatible with blemish-prone skin?

Contrary to what you might expect, a facial oil can be used by all skin types – even very oily, blemish-prone skin. But it's essential that you choose facial oils that are organic, non-comedogenic and rich in cold-pressed plant oils.

So, you can absolutely use a facial oil even if you suffer from dilated pores, blackheads and small spots. This is because most botanical oils have an excellent affinity with the skin. In fact, a facial oil has a regulating effect on skin that produces too much oil. If your skin is dehydrated but tends to produce too much sebum to try and get its balance back, an oil can provide a sebum-regulating effect. It's ideal if your skin has been weakened by using harsh beauty products, and can also act as a "vehicle" to help active ingredients penetrate deeper skin layers.

Our certified-organic Addiction oil

Our Addiction oil combines all the advantages of facial oils. It brings your skin all the nutrients it needs to restore its original beauty and balance. A true multi-benefit product, it cares for your skin and leaves it visibly repaired. The Addiction oil can be used in all seasons, tailored to your needs and desires. With its non-greasy texture, addictive scent and many benefits, it certainly lives up to its name!

What's in Addiction oil?

Addiction is made with no fewer than 27 organic botanical oils (including Evening Primrose, Argan, Sesame, Jojoba, Sunflower and Rose Hip), as well as a synergy of organic essential oils and wild-harvested plants. Together, they work to rebuild the skin barrier, slow down the effects of skin aging, nourish, smooth and regulate. A few drops of Addiction help to soothe, restore balance and detoxify your skin.

Boost your skincare routine with an organic facial oil and let your skin enjoy all the benefits of botanical oils!