Uplift Your Intuition

A ritual for nurturing your Anja; the Third Eye; the sixth Chakra; “I SEE”

Left Eye Mirror Work is a ritual that promotes balance between the ego/mental and the intuition/spirit. Supporting more inner-outer alignment with self. A healthier and more precise ability to understand what you truly want and how to manifest it and bring it into action. We want all parts of ourselves playing their role and encouraging each other not battling one another.

Many philosophies believe that the right eye is the eye of the physical world representing ego/mental and that the left eye is the eye of intuition/spiritual world.

Most of us have an overpowered ‘right eye’ and under nourished ‘left eye’, this ritual is about stimulating your connection to your intuition/spirit so that it can be uplifted and harmonized with your ego/mental/physical.

Go in front of a mirror.

Both eyes open looking at your reflection, begin playing with closing each eye and just using one eye to look at yourself with; see if you notice a difference between the left and right. Afterwards soften just with the right eye until it is completely closed. If it is easier for you to cover it with your hand do so. At this point you will want to be just looking at your reflection through your left eye.

Allow yourself to go deep into the left eye, embrace your intuition and spirit here. Repeat a loving intention or mantra to yourself as you continue to look deeper and deeper into your left eye.

Seeing your true self, you may feel a burst of an emotion, or you may just feel a subtle message and difference, all is supported. When you feel ready begin to open your right eye. Once both eyes are open looking at yourself repeat your chosen intention.

Closing the ritual with an affectionate smile and see yourself as a divine, whole being.

(Repeat this ritual every time you look at your reflection, begin to strengthen it by using your left more than your right to look at people and your experiences, notices the shifts.)

“My intuition clearly guides me at all times”

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