Bath Your Emotions

A ritual for nurturing your Svadhisthana; the Sacral; the second Chakra; “I FEEL”

Body of Water ceremony can be done with any body of water for example, a lake, ocean, sea, river, bath and shower all work for this ritual. Use your inner intelligence to adjust accordingly and safely.

Begin by approaching the ‘Body of Water’ with gratitude and respect for its ability to give life and creation. Understand its power and gently regard its fluid consistency that seamlessly transitions if it is still, almost “glass-like” or rapid and untamed, it’s perfect ebb and flow.

Just before your toes begin to get wet, think in your heart about all the emotions that you want to cleanse from your system, the areas you are wanting to give away so that you can rejuvenate yourself and you restore emotional harmony.

After you acknowledge what you are ready to let go of, softly walk into the water, as you do imagine the emotions you have just called upon being washed away as every wave and the current caress you. With every step forward allow your emotional system to be cleansed by the water.

Once the water touches your lower waist, stop, and spread your arms out and express externally or internally all the emotions you are giving to the water, asking, and having her carry them out past the infinite horizon. After let your arms rest and with tenderness begin to take handfuls of water to splash your upper body with and even some on your face, envision the physical sensation of the water drops falling from you embodied with the emotions leaving you and you being left with a lighter sensation of rejuvenation.

You will close this ritual with a few soft breaths followed by bringing your hands to prayer center or palms covering your heart; take a moment of gratitude for all you released, gave back to the element of water to cleanse, and recycle. Turnaround and walk back to the land with a deep sense of revitalization.

(This ritual can even be adapted to the accustomed habit of washing our hands.)

"It is safe for me to feel my emotions.”

Compass Rose:

To finish your ritual

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