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About Us:

  • Our goal is to catalog all known details, including airdates and chronological order, for promos and intros created for Toonami.

  • We also want to make it easier for fans & the Official Toonami Team to find the best versions of promos on Youtube and not all the duplicates.

[Site is in release-testing phase now, so no new users (Signups) are not functional atm. Please be paitent.]




July 23, 2018:

  • Sorry site has been on hiatus, I have been doing restorations at: Restorations
  • I will have monthly updates going forward, as this fits our schedules realistically atm.

May 31, 2018:

  • Site has pre-launched with 6 entrees in catalog.
  • New User Sign-ups disabled for a period to grow site to right size first.
  • Keep checking in for updates.
  • A little behind schedule. ^^'

May 26, 2018:

  • 6 Total entrees in catalog.

Useful sites and resources:

Toonami Digital Arsenal - Toonami Promo Hard-copies
Toonami Wikia - Toonami Brand/Block Wiki


Q: Why does the website say a page doesn't exist after clicking a link?
A: Try clearing your Web Browser's web content cache, usually fixes the issue.

  • note that tag system is having some issues with search showing two names for same page for an old entree, working on it.

Until issue is fixed, you can re-search and select the other named for that one page as a workaround.

  • Also there was an issue with the Tag Cloud not updating when tags were changed, resulting in tags that no longer existed.

(Issue is fixed for new pages, have to fix the 2 old pages 1 old page that has 2 versions of same tag.)

This site is non-profit and does not collect any ad revenue.
All videos are hosted on Youtube from the whole Toonami Community.
This site is part of the effort to preserve Toonami promos, as the original Toonami Team has stated they have lost most master tapes of these and can no longer share with the community and would appreciate fans re-uploading so everyone can see their old work

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